Seven years after making his way to North Carolina, C.C. Hudson opens his first factory. He would personally carry fabric to the third floor on his shoulders.


A group of railroad workers who purchased their overalls from Hudson gave him a bell, inspiring him to name his business the Blue Bell Overall Company.


Blue Bell acquires Casey Jones work clothes company and the rights to a rarely used brand name: Wrangler.


Blue Bell hires famous rodeo tailor Rodeo Ben to develop a line of jeans for cowboys. A Blue Bell contest decides they'll be called Wrangler, synonymous with the name for a working cowboy.


Blue Bell introduces the Wrangler 13MWV to American consumers. They're "the first designer jeans" suitable for riding horses & bulls. The design of the Cowboy Cut Jean establishes Wranglers' 7 signature features.


Blue Bell opens a factory in Belgium and the Wrangler brand enjoys a successful launch in Europe.


Wrangler Jeans become an icon of youth culture, popular with teenagers the world over.


The Pro Rodeo Cowboys Association of America (PRCA) officially endorses Wrangler Jeans.


Blue Bell merges with the VF Corporation of Pennsylvania, preparing the ground for global success.


VF Corporation opens Canadian office in Toronto, ON. Meanwhile, south of the border, 1 in every 5 pairs of jeans sold in America is Wrangler.


VF Canada Inc. celebrates 20th birthday.


WJCO RED jeans, like you've never seen before and Advanced Comfort, the most comfortable jeans ever, launch in Canada.